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Every 10 minutes a lobbyist enters into a new relationship with a client ... or has an existing relationship terminated. Make sure you are up-to-date on all the latest changes in this fast-paced industry.

Washington Representatives keeps you ahead of the curve:

  • Stay competitive with insider knowledge
  • Keep connected with the most comprehensive contact information available
  • Impress your clients with your wealth of information on their key issues and their competition

Have a direct connection to the latest in-depth information on 20,000 lobbyists... 10,000 clients.... and 2,500 lobbying firms. Just name a company, lobbyist, lobbying firm, PAC, or issue. You have access to who's who, their clients, their backgrounds, and so much more. Plus, take advantage of the latest in lobbying firm earning reports included with each profile and find out how much clients are spending!

Instant access that pays for itself over and over all year long in reduced research hours and competitive advantage:


  • Direct contact information: phone, mail and email contact details speed you to the right person in the right lobbying firm or client organization.
  • Personal background details: an inside look at lobbyists, who employs them, their clients, staff positions they’ve held on Capitol Hill, and more.
  • Resources: identify the right group or lobbyist to answer your questions or to put you in touch with key participants - and influencers in both public and private sectors - who are working with issues that matter to you, your members, your company, or your clients.
  • Prospects: use multiple indexes to zero in on prospective donors, potential clients, organizations or individuals who can advance your interests or help you build strong issue coalitions.
  • Competitive intelligence: do your homework on what issues matter to corporations, associations, unions, foreign interests, universities and not-for-profit groups - and who represents them; identify what lobbyists and firms you could be working against on a particular issue.

"Wow, our Washington Representatives Book arrived last week and we've had several days using it. Simply stated, it's incredible, easy to use and complete, and the time we've saved trying to research and locate the names and numbers in just a few days is worth the price of the book."Richard Rovsek, Spirit of Liberty Foundation

Bottom line: If you're looking for an edge in Washington, look to Washington Representatives.

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