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The Original US Congress Handbook Launches an All-New Advocacy Day Assistant Smartphone App 10/14/2015


Contact: Brittany Carter
Phone: (240) 235-0270


Bethesda, MD (October 14, 2015) – The Original US Congress Handbook team is excited to announce the release of the Advocacy Day Assistant app, an innovative application that empowers and engages advocates participating in a fly-in on the Hill.


This fully-customizable smartphone app allows users to schedule, coordinate and update Hill meetings with ease, stay in constant contact with advocates, upload talking points, and get real-time feedback throughout a fly-in.


"After years of working with clients to create custom advocacy tools with our line of US Congress Handbooks, the natural next step was to develop an app," stated Joel Poznansky, publisher of the Original US Congress Handbook. "We've partnered with the expert app developers at NWYC and fly-in expert Stephanie Vance of Advocacy Associates to put together the most comprehensive and user friendly advocacy day app available."


The Advocacy Day Assistant app includes:
- Detailed Congressional profiles customized for each individual user based on their meetings schedule
- Member biographies, vote history, committee assignments, recent news articles & links to each members social media profiles customized for each individual user based on their meetings schedule
- Real-time schedule updates with push notifications allowing users to update advocates with last minute meeting changes
- Advocate to advocate messaging
- Integration with Google walking maps to navigate between congressional offices
- Post fly-in surveys with push notifications
- Web based administration for schedulers


For more information of the Advocacy Day Assistant app please visit


About The Original US Congress Handbook: unveils 90,000 links from government relations professionals to Congressional staff positions reaching back 27 Years 04/18/2014

Bethesda, Md. (April 14, 2014) –, a subscription-run database that maintains records for over 7,000 congressional staffers and 28,000 federal lobbyists, launched a new search capability that provides users with access to profiles of non-current congressional staff.

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Columbia Books Acquires Thompson Information Services 08/29/2013

Bethesda, Md. (August 29, 2013) – Columbia Books & Information Services today announced that it has acquired Thompson Information Services, a leading provider of compliance information and training for over 40 years, from Thompson Media Group, LLC.

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Lobbying Compliance Handbook Released with New Insert on HLOGA 06/26/2013 will release the 2013 edition of The Lobbying Compliance Handbook: A Practitioner’s Guide in the Age of HLOGA. Written by campaign finance and lobbying expert Cleta Mitchell in conjunction with Holtzman Vogel PLLC attorneys Jason Torchinsky and Michael Bayes, the latest version of the 895+ page handbook contains updates in campaign finance law, a site visit fundraising checklist, and a 20-page insert on the impact of the Honest Leadership and Open Government (HLOGA).

Read on... releases landmark study on impact of lobbying ethics law 10/24/2012, in partnership with The George Washington University School of Political Management and research partner ORI, today released a landmark study “The Honest Leadership and Open Government Act: Five Years Later.”

Read on... Announces Major User Interface Upgrade for Lobbyist, Congressional and Legislative Data 08/07/2012 is pleased to announce a major user interface upgrade to its database of federal lobbying contacts, congressional members, congressional staff and legislation. This new interface allows users to benefit from a front and center “Quick Search” bar to quickly and easily locate the information they are searching for. Users can also scan the new scrolling “Recent Registrations & Terminations” bar for a quick look at constantly changing lobbying relationships.

Read on... set to release report on landmark Congressional Communications Report 05/21/2012, in partnership with the Original U.S. Congress Handbook, George Washington University School of Political Management, and research partner ORI, is set to release the landmark “Congressional Communications Report.”

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Columbia Books Wins 2012 PPAI Gold Pyramid Award for US Congress Handbook 03/29/2012

Columbia Books & Information Services is proud to announce that the Original U.S. Congress Handbook  is the 2012 PPAI Gold Pyramid Award winner.  Columbia Books President Joel Poznansky said, “It is an honor for the Original U.S. Congress Handbook to be recognized by PPAI for this award.

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Legislative Search and Detailed Lobbying Financials Added to Washington Representatives Online 04/27/2011

(Bethesda, Md.) is pleased to announce a major expansion to its Washington Representatives Online database of federal lobbying contacts. In particular, two major enhancements have taken place this week: the addition of bill data and detailed breakouts of how much money is being paid and received for lobbying services as they relate to specific firm/client relationships.

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Lobbying Compliance Handbook to Include Campaign Finance Chapter 10/20/2010

The Lobbying Compliance Handbook will include a new chapter on campaign finance reform and bundling in the 2010 edition, due out next week.

Read on... enhances online services 06/12/2010, a division of Columbia Books and Information Services, is delighted to announce the addition of LobbyOpps. This new service tracks lobbying opportunities and delivers them right to your inbox.

Read on... now publishing Lobby Blog 05/04/2010

In an effort to further expand the suite of resources we provide to the lobbying community, has released the Lobby Blog. A free service of, the Lobby Blog seeks to provide timely, informative snippets of useful content and conversation on the federal lobbying community: from lobbying and lobbyists to ethics, campaign finance, and pay to play law.

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04/24/2010 is now offering a new resource in its free resources section, the Factors of Influence Chart. This new feature allows you to sort’s comprehensive database on the federal lobbying industry by nine critical areas and serves as an easy way to rank 2,800 lobbying firms by the most influential criteria in the industry: employees, clients, issue areas, income and Congressional connections.

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US Congress Online added to 12/20/2009 has added a new component to its already expansive library of information.

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Authentic Messages Key in Grassroots Contacts with Legislators 08/10/2009

“Citizens in Action” Author Stephanie Vance Discusses Effective Communications on NPR Broadcast

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Lobbying Compliance Handbook Released with New Information on GAO Audits, Executive Branch Lobbying 07/15/2009

Bethesda, Md. (July 15, 2009) – is pleased to announce the publication of the 2009 edition of the Lobbying Compliance Handbook: A Practitioner’s Guide in the Age of HLOGA. Written by lobbying and campaign finance expert Cleta Mitchell, the latest version contains new information regarding President Obama’s executive order on ethics as it relates to lobbyists and the process of a GAO audit.

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New Handbook Provides Tips and Guidance on Building and Activating Advocate Networks 05/11/2009

Bethesda, Md. (May 11, 2009) – In order to tackle some of the nation’s most pressing issues – the economy, health care reform and energy legislation – policymakers are seeking the guidance of their constituents. While constituents are members of organizations that want their views heard in Washington, organizations must be structured to recruit, activate, and train advocates to advance your issues.

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Citizens Not Satisfied with Their Interactions with Congress: New Book Offers a Solution 03/02/2009

Bethesda, Md. (March 2, 2009) - A survey by the Congressional Management Foundation found that almost ½ of Americans contacted a U.S. representative in the five years between 2000 and 2005, but only about two-thirds remembered even getting a response and, of those who did, most were dissatisfied.

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Job Transition Workshop to Provide Useful Search Tips and Networking Opportunities for Government Employees 12/05/2008
Bethesda, Md. (Dec. 5, 2008) – Columbia Books & Information Services (CBIS) and Roll Call will be hosting a job-training workshop and networking reception Dec. 16 for government employees who will be moving on from their positions due to the changes in the administration and Congress.

Read on... Publishes Fall Edition of Washington Representatives 12/01/2008

Bethesda, Md. (Nov. 17, 2008) – is pleased to announce the publication of the Fall 2008 edition of its print directory of lobbyists, Washington Representatives. The 34th edition of this guide to D.C. area lobbying organizations, as well as the issues and clients they represent, includes new information on spending for lobbying activities and political contributions.

Read on... Hits the Mobile Web 10/07/2008
Bethesda, Md. (Oct. 7, 2008) – is pleased to announce its foray into the mobile world with the introduction of a mobile web version of its government relations database.

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ALL Scores Win in Basketball Game and for Charities 09/25/2008
WASHINGTON (Sept. 25, 2008) - The American League of Lobbyists (ALL) came away with a dominant 47-32 win over congressional members in a fight on the basketball court for charity at the George Washington University Sept. 15.

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Online Article Includes as a Tool for Finding Lobbying Data 09/22/2008
Bethesda, Md. (Sept. 22, 2008) – An article published in Online, a magazine for technology professionals, referred to as a powerful tool for finding information on individual lobbyists, lobbying firms and clients.

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Revamped National Directory of Corporate Public Affairs Published 08/18/2008
Bethesda, Md. (Aug. 18, 2008) –, a division of Columbia Books & Information Services (CBIS), is pleased to announce the publication of the Fall 2008 edition of the National Directory of Corporate Public Affairs. The 26th annual edition includes useful and vital information on the corporations involved in government affairs, philanthropy and community relations.

Read on... Simplifies Research with Upgraded Advanced Search 07/28/2008
Bethesda, Md. (July 28, 2008) –, a division of Columbia Books & Information Services (CBIS), is pleased to announce the launch today of a streamlined advanced search tool on its Web site. This upgraded feature allows site users to more quickly pinpoint specific lobbyists and organizations.

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Lobbying Compliance Handbook Answers Pressing Questions on HLOGA 07/23/2008
Bethesda, Md. (July 23, 2008) –, a division of Columbia Books & Information Services, is pleased to announce the publication of The Lobbying Compliance Handbook: A Practitioner’s Guide in the Age of HLOGA, written by Cleta Mitchell, a partner with Foley & Lardner. Mitchell is a leading authority on laws, policies and issues related to federal and state lobbying ethics regulations.

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How Much Did Your Favorite Organization Spend on Lobbying? 06/08/2008 now Includes Dollar Figures for Each Lobbying Registrant

Read on... Assists in Lobbying Disclosure Research for Article


In business, people who get paid a lot of money without doing any work generally get fired.

Not in Washington lobbying, though.

A survey of federal lobbying disclosure forms done by Columbia Books for Politico found more than 120 instances last year in which lobbyists collected fees from clients without doing any lobbying. Together, the payments totaled more than $5 million.

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More than 1,000 Lobbyists Trained on HLOGA since December 04/22/2008 Seminars Assist Professionals in Complying with New Law

Bethesda, Md. (April 22, 2008) – Seminars sponsored by have helped more than 1,000 lobbyists understand the regulations and provisions in the Honest Leadership and Open Government Act (HLOGA).

Read on... Plays Key Role in National Journal Publication 01/15/2008

Bethesda, Md. (Jan. 15, 2008) –, a division of Columbia Books & Information Services (CBIS), provided the National Journal with lobbyists’ contact information for a survey analyzing their use of various media.

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Columbia Books CEO Appears on Business Destiny Radio Show


Joel Poznansky Provides Useful Insight on Growing a Successful Publishing Business

Bethesda, MD… Dec. 28, 2007 – Columbia Books & Information Services, a leading print and online publisher today announced that its CEO, Joel Poznansky, is being interviewed by local radio show co-hosts, John Hrastar and Richard Trimber, and will appear on the Business Destiny radio show on Saturday, Dec. 29, 2007.

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Lobbyists Defeat Congress in a Tough Battle on the Court 11/02/2007

Bethesda, MD- Sporting red jerseys, a bipartisan team of congressional members--including Rep. Jeff Flake (R-Ariz.) and Rep. Joseph Crowley (D-N.Y.)--took to the basketball court at George Washington University last month against a group of powerful lobbyists.

Read on... Announces Site Redesign 10/22/2007

Oct 22, 2007 - Bethesda, MD- Today announces the launch of its newly redesigned website which will go live at 12 a.m. EST tonight. The new site provides free access to white papers, news, and a glossary of lobbying terms. The overall look and feel of the site have also been redesigned and adapted to be more user-friendly and navigable. All functionality remains the same and users should find no changes to their accounts.

Read on... Partners with BusinessWeek to Research Earmarks and Appropriations Lobbying 09/17/2007

September 17, 2007 - Bethesda, MD- recently partnered with BusinessWeek to conduct research for the article, “Inside the Hidden World of Earmarks”. Together we examined the nearly 2,000 earmarks that went to companies in fiscal 2005, the only year for which the government has released complete data. We then compared the earmark funding each company received with the amount it spent on lobbying the prior year.

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