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Lobbyists.info is the leading provider of reference information on and for the government relations and lobbying industry and is maintained by parent publisher, Columbia Books & Information Services (CBIS). We (CBIS) printed our first lobbying directory in 1977, which contained basic contact information for lobbyists and their clients. We titled the book Washington Representatives. As the years went on, we researched and compiled more information for the directory, like biographical data and educational backgrounds. Before we knew it, Washington Representatives was deemed the “K Street Bible” and became a pivotal tool for the Government Relations professional. Naturally, as information gathering changed with the Internet, we saw a growing demand to have access to this information online. So in 2006, we created Lobbyists.info from Washington Representatives and dedicated staff to adding more information (like PACs and 527 Groups) in addition to maintaining daily updates. Beginning in 2009 we added the US Congress Online database and The Compliance Center, giving Government Relations professionals more industry access than ever before. Lobbyists.info has existed in one format or another for over 30 years!

If you have any questions please feel free to contact us at 1-888-265-0600. Email us: web@lobbyists.info