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What is Lobbyists.info?
Lobbyists.info is the one-stop resource for information on lobbying and government relations. The site consists of three main components:Lobbyists, Congress and Legislation. Lobbyists.info is the online directory of all federally registered lobbyists and their clients, including the legislative areas they are registered to lobby under, as well as unregistered lobbyists. This database also has contact information for PACs, 527 Groups, think tanks and government legislative affairs offices. The database includes all members of the US Congress and their staffs. Profiles include complete contact information, photos, maps, biographies and more. Additionally, comprehensive information on legislation, including the lobbyists working on it, the sponsors and cosponsors, the status in committee and the full bill text is included in the “Legislation” section of the site. Lobbyists.info also features a Compliance Center, which is the resource for all things compliance – from filing forms to FAQs on lobbying ethics and technical questions and HLOGA compliance training. The Compliance Center is also home to the Lobbying Compliance Handbook e-Book.
What is a "registered" lobbyist?
A registered lobbyist is one who is retained (contracted) or employed by the organization it lobbies for. All lobbyists need to register with the federal government to conduct lobbying activities. Individual citizens who lobby for a specific cause or organization at infrequent intervals without compensation are not required to register their activities because they are considered to be exercising their First Amendment right to petition the government. On Lobbyists.info, a lobbyist who is registered to lobby on behalf of domestic clients is considered registered as “LDA” - the Lobbying Disclosure Act. A lobbyist who is registered to lobby on behalf of a foreign client is considered registered as "FARA" - the Foreign Agents Registration Act. For more information on registration and filing requirements Please click here.
Does Lobbyists.info have state lobbyists?
No. The lobbyists contained in Lobbyists.info are federal only however they may also work on state lobbying as well. Each state has its own regulations controlling lobbying activities at the local level. You may search Lobbyists.info for lobbyists by state but that will not tell you if a lobbyist that is located outside the DC-metro area is actually registered at the state level in his/her state. For example, there are plenty of federally registered lobbyists with addresses in New York who will show up in Lobbyists.info, but that does not guarantee those lobbyists are registered at the New York state level.You can search for lobbyists with a title that contains the word “state” using our advanced search feature.
How many people are listed in Lobbyists.info?
There are over 32,000 Government Relations individuals listed in Lobbyists.info. Over 15,000 of them are registered lobbyists. The rest are important GR individuals at PACs, 527 Groups, think tanks, and government legislative affairs offices. Lobbyists.info also includes all 435 US Representatives, 100 US Senators and 10,000+ staff members in Congress.
What information is provided in The Lobbying Compliance Handbook?
The Lobbying Compliance Handbook covers everything from the lobbying activities that require disclosure to the specific steps lobbying firms and associations must take to maintain the required records and paperwork certifications.
Where do you get the information for Lobbyists.info?
We are professional researchers. We have a team of editors (the brightest and the best!) who manage research and publication efforts, coordinate and schedule updates, and maintain the high standards and quality of our information. We know the importance of getting information quickly, which is why we are located in the DC-metro area; this enables us to stay well connected to the Government Relations community and keep informed of industry trends.
How often is Lobbyists.info’s data updated?
Every single day. We know lobbying and government relationships change by the minute and as soon as we acquire information, we add it to Lobbyists.info immediately. We also perform quality checks weekly and overhaul the data twice a year where we confirm or update over 99% of the information already in the database.
Who uses Lobbyists.info and why?
The people who use Lobbyists.info are primarily Government Relations professionals at lobbying firms associations and corporations, consultants, campaign fundraisers, media, government and federal agency workers. Lobbyists.info is frequently used for researching clients, potential clients and competition, as well as for fundraising and networking. Many association and corporation lobbyists use Lobbyists.info to find representation, and to build coalitions using the Legislation search.
How long has Lobbyists.info been around?
Lobbyists.info is published and maintained by Columbia Books & Information Services (CBIS). We (CBIS) printed our first lobbying directory in 1977, which contained basic contact information for lobbyists and their clients. We titled the book Washington Representatives. As the years went on, we researched and compiled more information for the directory, like the biographical data and educational backgrounds of lobbyists. Before we knew it, Washington Representatives was deemed the “K Street Bible” and became a pivotal tool for the Government Relations professional. Naturally, as information gathering changed with the Internet, we saw a growing demand to have access to this information online. So in 2006, we created Lobbyists.info from Washington Representatives and dedicated staff to adding more information (like PACs and 527 Groups) in addition to maintaining daily updates. Beginning in 2009 we added the Congressional information and provided our popular compliance resources online, giving Government Relations professionals more industry access than ever before. Lobbyists.info has existed in one format or another for over 30 years!
What other products do you have about lobbying?
Our company, Columbia Books & Information Services (CBIS), is known for providing the most respected resources for professionals in the lobbying and advocacy industry. Our niche is Government Relations and everyone "inside the beltway" knows it. We publish the highly regarded Lobbying Compliance Handbook State Lobbying Compliance Handbook and directories like the National Directory of Corporate Public Affairs and National Trade & Professional Associations. In addition to working closely with the American League of Lobbyists to produce the Lobbying Certificate Program (LCP), we facilitate webinars on many issues and trends, including HLOGA compliance,PAC management, campaign finance and grassroots advocacy. Our commitment to providing advocacy resources grew in the past few years when we worked with renowned consultant Stephanie Vance to publish The Advocacy Handbook and Citizens in Action. Our family of resources also includesThe Original US Congress Handbook; a small 4”x9” spiral bound directory profiling US House and Senate members. We have many free resources which can be found under the Free Resources tab on our homepage at Lobbyists.info.
How much does a subscription to Lobbyists.info cost?
A subscription for one user to Lobbyists.info costs $1,099 per year. There is an additional fee for access to advanced features, such as LobbyOpps (lobbying opportunities for lobbyists), The Lobbying Compliance Handbook, or a Premium subscription.
How many people can log on with a subscription?
Only one person can access the Lobbyists.info suite with each individual login at a time. Please sales at 1-888-265-0600 for information on multiple user access.
Do you offer site licenses?
Yes. If you are interested in getting a subscription for 3 or more people from your organization, we offer a multiple-user subscription at a discounted rate. The subscriptions are transferrable should a member of your team leave your organization and you wish to reassign their login to another member. Please contact us at 888-265-0600 or email sales@lobbyists.info for more information.
Do you offer IP-Based Access?
Yes. We are able to setup your account for IP-based access, which does not require you to log-in from your office.
Can I download Lobbyists.info?
Yes. If you are a Premium subscriber, you have unlimited download ability for the duration of your subscription. The data can be downloaded as a CSV file or a Microsoft Excel document. Please call us at 888-265-0600 for more information regarding the Premium subscription.
I do not want the Premium subscription but I would like just one download. Is this an option?
No. But you may be able to rent a mailing list from us. If you are interested in targeting a specific group of government relations individuals based on region, legislative area, industry, etc., we can speak with you to determine your needs and then generate your list based on the criteria you like. You may rent a list from us for a one-time use or a multiple-time use which is limited to 3 times during the course of a calendar year starting on the date that you purchase the list. You would enter into an agreement with us after you are approved. Please contact us for more information.
How do I use Lobbyists.info?
We are always happy to give you a brief tutorial over the phone to help you learn how to use Lobbyists.info successfully for your specific needs. Please call us at 1-888-265-0060 during normal business hours EST or email us at web@lobbyists.info to set up a time for your tutorial.
Who do I call for technical help?
Please call us during normal business hours at 1-888-265-0600 or email us at web@lobbyists.info if you are in need of technical assistance.
Does Lobbyists.info come in any other format?
Yes and no. Some of our resources are available in print, but they are far less comprehensive than the online edition at Lobbyists.info. We print the Washington Representatives directory of lobbyists twice a year. The Spring edition is printed in May and the Fall edition is printed in November. We print the US Congress Handbook at the beginning of each session of Congress, andprovides limited information on each member of Congress. Staff contact information is not included. The Lobbying Compliance E-book is available in a 3-ring binder desktop version. We do not offer any of this information in CD format at this time.
Is your website secure for online ordering?
Yes, very. Our site is encrypted with the highest possible level of security called Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure or HTTPS. However, if you still prefer to order over the phone, you may do so by calling us at 1-888-265-0600.
I have additional questions. Who should I contact?
Please contact us at 1-888-265-0600 or at web@lobbyists.info with any additional inquiries.