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3rd Quarter Lobbying Reports 2010 Download PDF File Download PDF File
In This Report:
“Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” Lobbying
DISLCOSE Act Lobbying
Health Care Reform Lobbying
Oil Spill Lobbying
Patton Boggs Case Study
Top Lobbying Firms
Congress was pretty well occupied in the 3rd quarter of 2010 with one thing: keeping their seats.

But in between campaign stops and heated rhetoric, Congress worked on a couple of political issues, too. In this report, we’ll look at several carry-over issues, and one new issue: “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” lobbying.

When looking at a specific issue in the Lobbying Disclosure Act Database, it is typically helpful to search an exact phrase or bill number, since that will bring up more accurate results. (For instance, searching “health care reform” will not get you the same results as searching “Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act.” Both may be valid ways of looking at the data, but the second one will narrow your results considerably.) We’ve taken the more specific route in this report, whenever possible.
One issue that came up strongly in Q3 2010 was the military’s policy, in place since the Clinton presidency, of banning openly gay members of the military (referred to as “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” – DADT). Even with the extra emphasis on the issue, searching for “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” in the database only brought up nine results for Q3 2010: an indication that either not much hired lobbying was happening on the issue, or it was not being reported accurately.

The entities that reported lobbying on the issue used a couple of different issue codes to report it
– presumably based on their different focus areas.
Civil rights / civil liberties
Registrants for 3rd Quarter 2010 on “Don’t Ask Don’t Tell”
Registrant Name Client Name Amount
American Bar
American Bar Association $ 260,000.00
American Jewish
American Jewish Committee $ 30,000.00
American Nurses
American Nurses Association $ 401,501.00
Center For American
Progress Action Fund
Center For American Progress
Action Fund
$ 61,295.00
Elmendorf Strategies
Human Rights Campaign $ 60,000.00
Harvard University
--President And
Fellows Of Harvard
Harvard University--President And
Fellows Of Harvard College
$ 120,000.00
Human Rights
Human Rights Campaign $ 360,000.00
National Women’s
Law Center
National Women’s Law Center $ 80,625.00
Servicemembers Legal
Defense Network
Servicemembers Legal Defense
$ 73,591.00
Source: Senate Office of Public Records,
Filings were downloaded and reviewed on October 22, 2010. Amendments filed after that time are not reflected within this report.

Note that filing amounts represent the total amount spent by the lobbying entity on all of its issues. Therefore, if an entity such as the Human Rights Campaign lobbied on issues other than DADT last quarter, their total of $360,000 would reflect all of those issues.

A couple of representative filings on DADT are profiled below – each page is the issue page on which the entity reported their lobbying.
A carry-over issue this quarter was continued lobbying on the campaign finance bill pushed by Rep. Chris Van Hollen (D-MD) and Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.). With the House passing its version of the DISCLOSE Act in June, the Senate attempted two different times to pass the legislation (once in July, and once in September); the measure failed a cloture vote each time. The legislation was titled H.R. 5175/S. 3295, the “Democracy Is Strengthened by Casting Light on Spending in Elections Act.”

In Q2, 116 entities reported lobbying on the “DISCLOSE Act”; while in Q3 2010, 88 entities reported such lobbying.
Number of filings on DISCLOSE
Q2 and Q3 2010
Although this may not have encompassed every entity that lobbied on the legislation (because of different methods of disclosing issues), and should therefore not be considered a complete list, all the entities listed here had the phrase “The DISCLOSE Act” in the expanded lobbying issues section of their LDA reports.
Last quarter, when we looked at health care reform, we did an issue search. This quarter, we did the same search then compared to see if last quarter’s big spenders were the same entities this quarter. The US Chamber again topped the list (with a huge spending increase in Q3). (Chart next page).
Lobbying entity Q3 Rank Q3 Q2 Rank Q2
Chamber Of Commerce Of The U.S.A. $ 29,250,000.00 1 $ 9,480,000.00 1
General Electric Company (Including Subsidiaries) $ 9,280,000.00 2 $ 8,300,000.00 2
U.S. Chamber Institute For Legal Reform $ 7,420,000.00 3 n/a n/a
Pharmaceutical Research And Manufacturers Of America $ 5,180,000.00 4 $ 4,650,000.00 4
Natl Assn Of Manufacturers $ 4,750,000.00 5 $ 1,110,000.00 53
AARP $ 4,710,000.00 6 $ 4,250,000.00 6
National Association Of Realtors $ 4,500,000.00 7 $ 3,940,000.00 9
American Hospital Assn $ 4,270,000.00 8 $ 4,230,000.00 7
Boeing Company $ 4,150,000.00 9 $ 4,970,000.00 3
Pfizer, Inc $ 4,150,000.00 10 $ 2,250,000.00 26
Table 1: Q3 / Q2 Top Health Care Spenders, Comparison
The top ten spenders in Q2 included a couple of lobbying entities that didn’t make the top ten Q3. They are listed below, along with their amount spent in Q3 and rank.
Top 10 in Q2 (not listed, Q3) Q3 Rank Q3 Q2 Rank Q2
Verizon Communications Inc. And Its Subsidiaries $ 3,830,000.00 13 $ 4,440,000.00 5
American Beverage Association $ 290,000.00 164 $ 3,950,000.00 8
Chevron U.S.A. Inc. n/a n/a $ 3,920,000.00 10
Table 2: Q2 Top Health Care Spenders
When the database was searched for “Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act” (the final name of the health care reform bill), the following numbers came up:
Filings for the Patient Protection and
Affordable Care Act
Third quarter saw slightly increased lobbying around the oil spill. H.R. 5629, the “Oil Spill Accountability and Environmental Protection Act of 2010,” saw numbers of filings jump just slightly, from 182 in Q2 to 211 in Q3. (Numbers are based on a database search of the phrase “oil spill” plus a search of “H.R. 5629.”)

The American Petroleum Institute, the trade association for “big oil,” reported a hefty $1.27 million lobbying expenditure this quarter. Several big oil companies reported big numbers this quarter, including Shell Oil, BP America, and Exxon Mobil. Each company reported both outside and in-house lobbying expenditures.
Shell Oil
Registrant Name Client Name Filing Type Amount Reported
Akin Gump Strauss Hauer & Feld Shell Oil Company Third Quarter Report $ 120,000.00
Blank Rome Government Relations LLC Shell Oil Company Third Quarter Report $ 20,000.00
Blank Rome LLP Shell Oil Inc Third Quarter Report null
Breaux Lott Leadership Group Shell Oil Company Third Quarter Report $ 80,000.00
Jones, Walker, Waechter, Poitevent, Carrere & Denegre Shell Oil Company Third Quarter Report $ 10,000.00
National Environmental Strategies Shell Oil Company Third Quarter Report null
Patton Boggs LLP Shell Oil Company Third Quarter (No Activity) null
Shell Oil Company Shell Oil Company Third Quarter Amendment $ 1,700,000.00
The Mathis Group (Formerly registered as Michael Mathis) Shell Oil Company Third Quarter Report $ 30,000.00
    Total $ 1,960,000.00
Figure 6: Shell Oil Filings
Shell Oil is interesting because the company’s first filing reflected quite a large sum: $20.8 million, while an amendment, filed the same day, reflected a much lower sum, $1.7 million.
Exxon Mobil Corp. reported significantly more expenditures than Shell Oil, at $4.53 million. (Chart next page).
Exxon Mobil
Registrant Name Client Name Filing Type Amount Reported
Avenue Solutions Exxon Mobil Corporation Third Quarter Report $ 60,000.00
Bingham McCutchen LLP Exxon Mobil Corporation Third Quarter Report $ 60,000.00
DCI Group, LLC Exxon Mobil Third Quarter Report $ 80,000.00
Exxon Mobil Corp Exxon Mobil Corp. Third Quarter Report $ 4,070,000.00
Kelley Drye & Warren LLP Exxon Mobil Corporation Third Quarter Report $ 90,000.00
Michael Solon - Capitol Legistics Exxon Mobil Third Quarter Report $ 61,080.00
ML Strategies, LLC Exxon Mobil Corp. Third Quarter Report $ 50,000.00
The Nickles Group Exxon Mobil Corporation Third Quarter Report $ 67,500.00
    Total $ 4,538,580.00
Figure 9: Exxon Mobil Filings
BP America was right in between the other two in terms of spending.
BP America
Registrant Name Client Name Filing Type Amount Reported
Alpine Group, Inc. BP America Inc Third Quarter Report $ 90,000.00
BP America, Inc BP America Inc Third Quarter Report $ 1,860,000.00
Eris Group (Formerly known as Bartlett & Bendall, LLC) BP America, Inc. Third Quarter Report $ 45,000.00
Podesta Group, Inc. Exxon Mobil Corp. Third Quarter Report $ 150,000.00
Stuntz Davis & Staffier, P.C. BP America Inc Third Quarter Report $ 30,000.00
The Duberstein Group, Inc. BP America Inc Third Quarter Report $ 100,000.00
Thomas Advisors, Inc BP America Inc Third Quarter (No Activity) null
    Total $ 2,275,000.00
Figure 10: BP America Filings
We started tracking Patton Boggs, a firm with a lot of clout (and which acquired the Breaux-Lott Leadership Group, another powerhouse, in June), last quarter. (Chart continues next page).
Registrant Name Client Name Amount Reported
Patton Boggs LLP Depository Trust Clearing Corporation $ 230,000.00
Patton Boggs LLP Wholesale Markets Brokers Association - Americas $ 220,000.00
Patton Boggs LLP Kidney Care Partners $ 200,000.00
Patton Boggs LLP Labor Industry Nuclear Loan Guarantee Coalition $ 180,000.00
Patton Boggs LLP Ranbaxy Inc. $ 160,000.00
Patton Boggs LLP Wal-Mart Stores Inc $ 160,000.00
Patton Boggs LLP Smiths Detection $ 150,000.00
Patton Boggs LLP Wake Forest University Health Sciences $ 150,000.00
Patton Boggs LLP King Pharmaceuticals $ 140,000.00
Patton Boggs LLP Mars Incorporated $ 140,000.00
Patton Boggs also seems to have two lobby firms on retainer, as indicated by their filings in 2nd Quarter 2010 and 3rd Quarter 2010 – identical filings for each quarter.
Registrant Name Client Name Amount Reported
Elmendorf Strategies LLC Patton Boggs LLP (on behalf of Federal Judges Association) $ 20,000.00
Fierce, Isakowitz & Blalock Patton Boggs $ 50,000.00
Figure 11: Patton Boggs as a client?
The following charts present the largest lobbying firms in the United States based on four criteria. Table 12 shows the ten largest lobbying firms ranked by total reported 2010 lobbying income.
Top Ten Firms by 2010 Lobbying Income
Figures were accurate at the time of download (July 21, 2010) from the Senate’s public disclosure website (  Any amendments filed after that date are not reflected in this analysis. In cases throughout this analysis where both an amendment and report had been filed, we discarded the report and used the amendment; thus numbers may have some slight discrepancies.

Note also that this analysis is not broken down between entities filing Internal Revenue Code (IRC) method (more inclusive) and Lobbying Disclosure Act method (less inclusive).

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