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Truckload Carriers Association

Truckload Carriers Association
555 E. Braddock Rd.
Alexandria, VA 22314

Telephone :  703-838-1950
Fax :  703-836-6610
Website :  truckload.org
Employees:  16

Formed by the merger in 1983 of the Common Carrier Conference- Irregular Route (founded in 1941) and the Contract Carrier Conference (founded in 1939). Formerly (1997) Interstate Truckload Carriers Conference and (1988) Interstate Carriers Conference. TCA's mission is to create success for the truckload industry and the communities it serves and serves as the national coordinating point, lobbying organization, and promotional arm for irregular-route common and contract truckload motor carriers. Membership:1,375 (Associate); $350 (School).
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