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The 2018 Government Relations Industry Compensation Survey is now open and will close June 29th!

Introducing the first ever full-scale Government Relations Compensation Survey., provider of industry staples from Washington Representatives to the US Congress Handbook and Almanac of American Politics, has launched the most comprehensive research ever undertaken on salaries and compensation in the government relations industry.

As one of the most complex and misunderstood professional industries which includes a wide variety of professional focuses, specialties, and education levels, government relations has been vastly ignored in compensation reporting. has stepped in to fill this void and provide a new level of transparency by creating the Government Relations Compensation Industry Report specifically for government relations professionals.

The survey can be completed by any individual involved in government relations and advocacy work including registered lobbyists, policy experts, PAC staff, advocacy managers and more.

In addition to changes in compensation, this completely anonymous survey and comprehensive report will analyze compensation trends in the GR industry by:

  • Age
  • Gender
  • Education Level
  • Government Experience
  • Industry Type
  • Organization Type
  • Lobbying Registration Status
  • Legislative Issue Specialty
  • Job Title and Function

Be a part of this new and exciting venture. Click here to participate. The survey is 100% anonymous.

All participants will have the opportunity be entered to win one of THREE pairs of Beats Solo3 Wireless Headphones, are eligible to receive a FREE executive summary of the report, and purchase the report at a discounted, participants-only rate. The survey is also available for purchase by non-participants, priced by organization type.

This survey requires NO name or contact information be given, leaving total anonymity for survey takers. We want to assure that you feel completely comfortable providing accurate compensation information. No personally identifiable information will be captured during this process unless survey takers voluntarily do so. During the creation of the Government Relations Compensation Report, your information will be combined with other survey takers, summarized, and analyzed to even further protect your anonymity.

Finally, we are unveiling compensation practices and trends generating much-needed transparency. What advanced degrees are most pervasive? How important is past government experience? What specific job titles are showing the widest pay scales? Does the glass ceiling exist in the industry?

Finally, GR professionals will have something they’ve never had before;

  • Unveiled compensation trends and much-needed salary transparency.
  • Access to compensation benchmarking data.
  • Determination of how pay levels compare across employer types. Better understanding of what pre-requisites lead to higher pay levels.

Once again, all participants will be eligible to win one of THREE pairs of Beats Solo3 Wireless Headphones, to receive a FREE executive summary of the report, and will be able to purchase the report at a discounted, participants-only rate.

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Qty. Price Product Name
$149.00 The Government Relations Industry Compensation Report Association/Nonprofit
$249.00 The Government Relations Industry Compensation Report Corporation