Navigating Pay-to-Play Laws:
Ensuring Compliance in a Complex Environment
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Stimulus-related contracting and lobbying opportunities are flooding into the states. But beware: there’s also a flood of new pay-to-play measures that states and localities are using to make sure campaign contributors don’t exert undue influence on contract awards.
Plus, did you know it’s not just employees who are affected? Pay-to-play laws can also apply to family members and the owners and officers of their companies.
Which new gift restrictions apply to your own activities? Exactly what triggers “contribution bans?” What does it take to prove compliance? How will new SEC pay-to-play laws affect investment advisors doing business with government clients?
Having the right answers now means having a shot at stimulus-related contracting and procurement -- without risking your neck.   Here’s where to start …

Order the CD/Transcript of Navigating Pay-to-Play Laws: Ensuring Compliance in a Complex Environment.
In this 90-minute audioconference, you’ll gain a clear understanding of how today’s pay-to-play laws work and how they mesh with state and federal lobbying laws, procurement laws, ethics laws and new SEC requirements. Plus, you’ll have practical guidance you can use right away to ensure compliance. Bottom line, you’ll be able to go after state-level contracts or pension advisory opportunities without worrying that former or upcoming campaign contributions could jeopardize your effectiveness, reputation and future.
Order the CD/Transcript today to master the complex pay-to-play environment, including:
  1. How pay-to-play applies to contracting and procurement
  2. What lobbyists and contractors must know about how pay-to-play rules interact with state laws on procurement and gifts
  3. A look at the complexity of pay-to-play rules in several states
  4. Which employees are subject to pay-to-play rules (and how that differs state to state)
  5. How pay-to-play rules also apply to covered-employees’ family members and the owners and officers of their companies
  6. What triggers the contributions bans – and how long those bans apply after the contract is awarded
  7. How local regulations may add extra compliance issues for anyone engaging in lobbying or contracting
  8. How to create and maintain a compliance system that will help you stay fully aligned with constantly changing regulations
  9. How today’s state and local pay-to-play and procurement lobbying could influence future federal regulations
Meet your training team:
Larry Norton & Jim Kahl of  Womble Carlyle
From 2001 through 2007, Larry served as General Counsel of the Federal Election Commission. From 2002 to 2007, Jim served as Deputy General Counsel of the FEC. They both led the 130-person Office of General Counsel in conducting investigations of potential violations of campaign finance laws and regulations, advising the FEC in connection with rulemakings and Advisory Opinions, overseeing all of the FEC's litigation in federal courts, and counseling on issues concerning audits and federal funding of presidential primary and general elections. During their tenure, Larry and Jim oversaw the drafting of regulations implementing all provisions of the landmark Bipartisan Campaign Reform Act of 2002 (BCRA), overhauled the FEC’s enforcement program, and led the FEC’s legal team in the successful defense of BCRA in the Supreme Court case of McConnell v. FEC.

Who will benefit?
This session offers essential guidance for personnel in any organization interested in government contracting and procurement, including:
  • Lobbyists engaged in procurement lobbying
  • Federal and state government relations directors
  • Corporate general counsel
  • Compliance directors
  • PAC managers

Order today and learn how to avoid fines and penalties as you claim your share of state-level stimulus spending.

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