Factors of Influence Report
Data-Driven Assessment of Lobbying Excellence


Despite being one of the largest industries in Washington, D.C., assessments of the lobbying industry and the influence of lobbying firms have been largely one-dimensional. Traditionally, such assessments have focused on metrics of firm size, such as staff size and revenue.

The Factors of Influence report, a 30+ page deep-dive analysis of the lobbying industry and its influence, takes a different approach. Comparing data that was compiled from a number of sources including lobbyists.info, LD-1 and LD-2 filings, executive branch filings, FEC filings, FARA disclosure forms, 990s, and internet research, the Factors of Influence™ report analyses more than 4,000 lobbying firms to answer the questions: What does lobbying influence look like when it manifests? What are the indicators of excellence in lobbying? Which lobbying firms are most influential and why?

Working in conjunction with the Graduate School of Political Management (GSPM) at George Washington University, Lobbyists.info has developed a robust analytical model to more accurately assess the amount influence lobbying firms have. The model employs more than ten metrics, dubbed the "factors of influence," providing the reader with a more holistic perspective of the lobbying industry.

Get the answers to these questions and more...

  • Get the answers to these questions and more...
  • Which firms are rising, which are falling in rank?
  • Which firms have the most former Congressional alumni?
  • Which types of organizations are most likely to hire a lobbyist in 2015?
  • What portion of the industry is operating outside the parameters of the LDA filing requirement?
  • What does the lobbying industry feel about the legislative prospects of the 114th Congress?
  • How is the lobbying industry trending, and what are lobbyists"e; expectations for 2015?
  • What is the demographic makeup of the lobbying industry?
  • What types of organizations employ the most female lobbyists?

This is the ideal resource for firms looking to see where they stand amongst their peers and why. It will also serve as a guide to organizations looking to employ lobbying representation in the future and to evaluate current contracts.

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$199.00 Factors of Influence Report: 2014/2015 Edition