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1029 Vermont Ave. NW
Suite 505
Washington, DC 20005

Telephone :  202-559-1543
Website :  www.demos.org

New York based public policy firm.
( As reported in the most recent quarterly filing. )
Sasha Abramsky: Senior Fellow
Rich Benjamin: Fellows Coordinator and Senior Fellow
Richard Brodsky: Senior Fellow
Lew Daly: Director, Sustainable Progress Initiative and Senior Fellow
Lisa J. Danetz: Senior Counsel
Tamara Draut: Vice President of Policy & Programs
Kalin Drzewiecki-Sezer: Director, Administration
Michael Edwards: Distinguished Senior Fellow
Gwyn Ellsworth
Devin Fergus: Senior Fellow
Allison H Fine: Senior Fellow
Robert H. Frank: Distinguished Senior Fellow
Teresa Ghilarducci: Distinguished Senior Fellow
Elektra Gray: Director, Communications
Jay Harris: Distinguished Senior Fellow
Bob Herbert: Distinguished Senior Fellow
Mark Huelsman *
Si Kahn: Distinguished Senior Fellow
Robert Kuttner: Distinguished Senior Fellow
Sharon Lerner: Senior Fellow
Arlene Corbin Lewis: Director, Communications
Adam Lioz
Michael Lipsky: Distinguished Senior Fellow
Ian Haney Lopez: Senior Fellow
Lucy Mayo: Vice President, Operations
Heather McGhee: Vice President *
Carlin Meyer: Senior Fellow
Lorraine C Minnite: Senior Fellow
Jodeen Olguin
Spencer Overton: Senior Fellow
Lenore Palladino: Senior Director, Advocacy
Benjamin Peck: Federal Affairs Manager
Nomi Prins: Senior Fellow
Lucien Rothenstein: Senior Manager, Foundation & Public Relations
John Schwarz: Distinguished Senior Fellow
James Gustave "Gus" Speth: Distinguished Senior Fellow, Sustainable Progress Initiative
Linda Tarr-Whelan: Distinguished Senior Fellow
Amy Traub: Senior Policy Analyst
Wallace C. Turbeville: Senior Fellow *
Tova Andrea Wang: Senior Democracy Fellow
Jennifer Wheary: Senior Fellow
Rachel Whiting: Director, Development
Michael Winship: Senior Fellow
Brenda Wright: Vice President, Legal Strategies
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