Congressional Investigations and Testimony:
Practical Strategies for Proactive Prevention, Damage Control and Success
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Congress wants answers. Financial services providers, "Big Oil," and the insurance industry are already in the cross-hairs. With ethics, the budget and the stimulus creating a high-pressure, high-visibility environment, the possibility for many more individuals and organizations to face Congressional questioning is increasing daily.

What if you're called upon to provide testimony or to advise a client who has to go before Congress?  What if you're asked to present documents?  Will you be prepared to deal with PR issues - and prevent possible leaks?  Will you know how to negotiate terms of a hearing? Act now to arm yourself with a practical strategy for handling - and ideally avoiding -  congressional investigations.

Purchase the recording of Congressional Investigations and Testimony: Practical Strategies for Ensuring a Successful Outcome.
The 90 minutes you invest in this audioconference could literally make the difference between promoting your agenda successfully and losing everything. Robert Kelner maps out steps to take now that will empower you to prepare executives to testify successfully and avoid becoming the focus of a congressional investigation.
Listen in and you'll learn to...

  • Avoid investigations and hearings by understanding what triggers a congressional subpoena, document request, and request for testimony
  • Negotiate the terms of a hearing and prevent escalation
  • Reduce risks - and surprises -- by understanding committee powers and the tools congressional investigators use (e.g., interviews vs. depositions)
  • Anticipate how to address the special challenges of oversight for Government contractors
  • Keep any congressional interaction from putting you at a disadvantage in other criminal or civil investigations by the Department of Justice or agency investigations
  • Deal with Congress's power to ignore attorney-client privilege
  • Protect privileged information when investigators call for disclosure of documents that may damage you in civil lawsuits and other contexts
  • Conduct an effective "murder board" to anticipate questions and practice your response
  • Exploit pre-hearing interviews or depositions to gain an edge

Who Will Benefit?
This session offers essential guidance for personnel in any organization which might become involved with a congressional investigation or request for testimony, including:


  • Corporations - especially those in finance, real estate, defense and government contracting, automotive industry, or healthcare
  • Lobbying firms, including law firms with lobbying arms serving clients in targeted areas
  • Trade associations with corporate members in targeted areas
  • Law firms with clients involved in government affairs

Meet Your Trainer
Robert Kelner, Covington & Burling: Chair of Covington's Election and Political Law Practice Group, Mr. Kelner was named by Washingtonian magazine as one of the "Top Lawyers" in Washington for election and political law  His practice includes defense against government investigations, including white collar criminal and congressional investigations.  Mr. Kelner regularly defends clients in investigations by the Federal Election Commission, the U.S. Department of Justice, the U.S. House & Senate Ethics Committees, the House Oversight & Government Reform Committee, the House & Senate Judiciary Committees, the House Energy & Commerce Committee's Subcommittee on Oversight & Investigations, the Senate Finance Committee, and other Congressional committees, including the University of California and Los Alamos National Laboratory in long-running Congressional investigations of the world famous nuclear weapons lab and Freddie Mac in the FEC's largest-ever investigation of a corporation.

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