Breaking Through the Congressional Influence Barrier
Key Tactics for Delivering Your Message on the Hill
Recorded April 9, 2014


A webinar revealing key insights from the Congressional Communications Survey of 700+ Hill staffers and 2,200 lobbyists. Plus all-new updates from our most recent survey of Hill staff!


When it comes to interacting with members of Congress and staffers, what tactics work best?  The answers might surprise you.

That’s because new technology and demographics on the Hill mean that what worked for you just last year may now waste your resources. You can’t risk results on what you think works.

But what if you could see a bigger picture?  What if you could talk to 700 Congressional staffers and ask exactly how they like to communicate with lobbyists, what media they prefer, how information should be presented, and how to gain access and influence? And find out how over 2,200 lobbyists are currently communicating with congressional offices?

You can – with the guidance of the researcher who has just completed the largest-ever study of Capitol Hill and lobbying communications!

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In this 90-minute webinar, you’ll learn how Dr. David Rehr, lead researcher of the Congressional Communications Report, conducted this sweeping survey and what inputs from 2,200 lobbyists and 700 staffers reveal about the tactics that do – and don’t -- belong in your own communication strategy. You'll also hear from veteran lobbyist Mildred Webber on her insight into the results.


About the Report


Conducted by David Rehr, Ph.D, in conjunction with the George Washington University's Graduate School of Political Management and the publishers of the Original US Congress Handbook and, this comprehensive survey of over 2,200 lobbyists and 700 congressional staffers is the largest study of its kind. Packed with full-color charts, ready-to-use best practices and surprising insights into what no longer works, this report is a must-have for everyone seeking Hill access — and influence.

Order now to gain valuable insights into how staffers are dealing with the information explosion inside Congress, and what resources they depend on to get up to speed on policy issues. You’ll discover the (often surprising!) best ways to approach and deliver content, which lobbying tools do influence staff, and which will simply waste your resources. Plus, the Q&A session at the end gives you the chance to ask questions about your own specific concerns.

Listen in now to take the guesswork out of building the best communication strategy, including:

  • The best ways to contact members of Congress and their staffs
  • How changes in Hill demographics have shifted perspectives – and what common practices can now be a waste of resources
  • What factors determine who gets access to Members
  • How staffers prefer to learn about issues and what lobbying tactics get results
  • Which Congressional staffers are engaged in social media – and why
  • How to walk the fine line between useful information and information overload
  • Surprising findings about how staffers view bias in today’s information age and how they weigh it
  • How staffers interact with each other and with media during their work day
  • What types of media staffers prefer to hear, read and see

Order now to get an edge over the others competing with you for time and attention!


Meet your Training Team


David Rehr, Ph.D. is the author of the study. He is a noted national association advocate and former head of the National Association of Broadcasters and National Beer Wholesalers Association. He is one of Washington Life’s Power 100 and noted by The Hill as the top association lobbyist. Dr. Rehr is also an adjunct professor for the GW Graduate School of Political Management.

Mildred Webber has over 25 years of experience in the federal policy arena, grassroots advocacy, public relations, and staff management in the U.S. Congress and within advocacy organizations. Mildred previously served as Acting Chief of Staff to Rep. Randy Neugebauer, Senior Vice President, Government Affairs, National Association of Broadcasters, and Deputy Chief of Staff & Director of Coalitions for the House Majority Whip.  Her extensive experience also includes working as Staff Director on the House Committee on Government Reform and Oversight Subcommittee on Regulatory Affairs, and as a staff member in the U.S. Senate, the Executive Branch and in the White House.  

John Kagia, Director, Strategy & Insight, ORI Leveraging his years of managing research studies for industry-leading clients including Accenture, General Dynamics Information Technology, IBM and Microsoft, John brings a keen understanding of the ways market insights can help organizations plan, compete and grow more effectively.


Who Will Benefit


This “head start” look at the landmark study is of immediate value to both veteran lobbyists and new advocates alike including:

  • Lobbyists at firms, trade associations, nonprofits and corporations
  • Coalition leaders
  • PAC managers
  • Advocacy organizations
  • Chambers of Commerce
  • Local governments

Register today to take advantage of the key lessons learned from this groundbreaking research.

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