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American Supply Association

American Supply Association
Eight E St. SE
Washington, DC 20003

Telephone :  703-328-5234
Website :  asa.net
Employees:  15
Registered:  LDA

ASA was Officially formed in December 1969 through the merger of two groups:The Central Supply Association (CSA) and the American Institute of Supply Associations (AI). ASA's mission is to drive the effective and consistent implementation of quality programs and services which improve the operational efficiency and marketing effectiveness of the wholesale distribution channel, resulting in market share growth and return-on-investment improvement for its members. Members are distributors, manufacturers, master distributors, independent manufacturers' representatives and service vendors who together create a powerful alliance of channel partners. Membership: $745-17,385 (Wholesale Distributor); $1,110-5,960 (Manufacturer/Master Distributor/Vendors); $375-1,130 (Manufacturer Representatives).
Lobbying Spending/Income
2018 Q3: -N/A-
2018 Q2: $20,000
2018 Q1: $20,000
2017 : $50,000
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