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Lobbyists.info: Bringing it all together for more than 37 years
From K Street to the Capitol and everything in between, Lobbyists.info is your one-stop resource for information on lobbying and government relations inside the Beltway and across the nation. From current and former legislative relationships to lobbying compliance and business development tools, Lobbyists.info brings it all together for you.
Who does Lobbyists.info track?
  • Federally registered lobbyists plus those hard-to-find unregistered lobbyists tracked exclusively by Lobbyists.info
  • Corporate employees involved in government relations including compliance officers, PAC managers, public affairs directors, general counsel and more
  • Advocacy and government relations personnel at associations, nonprofits and unions
  • All members of Congress, congressional committees, subcommittees and Hill staff
What else is included?
  • Comprehensive lobbying compliance resources
  • Free email alerts on news, compliance and moves and changes from K Street to the Capitol
  • Weekly LobbyAlerts keeping you updated on your clients, your firm’s clients and your issues and legislation
  • Complete legislative details, including the bills lobbyists are working on and detailed information about the bill’s sponsors, cosponsors, text, status in committee and more
  • Social Media information for lobbyists and Congressional staff, including Twitter and LinkedIn links
  • Detailed lobbying financials including income and spending by firm and client and PAC donations
  • 24/7 customer and technical support. If you are working, so are we!
  • Nearly 40 years of experience in information gathering, research and analysis inside the government relations community
Take a peek inside…
  • Looking for lobbyists?
  • Find 40,000 federal lobbyists including those hard to find unregistered lobbyists, corporate and nonprofit government relations profiles matched with their employer, career history, education details, and contact information.
  • What are the firms up to?
  • 4,600 lobbying firm listings will show you who are on their staff, a complete list of their current and former clients, what issues they are working on, their PACs and how much they are making.
  • Lobbying, it’s not just for firms
  • Get detailed government relations activity and staff profiles for 16,000 corporations and associations. Not only do we know what lobbying firms they’ve hired, we also provide complete listings of all internal staff involved in government relations including compliance officers, PAC managers, advocacy directors, public affairs directors, general counsel and more.
  • Tracking Legislation?
  • Search bills by name or number and find out which lobbyists, firms and organizations are registered to lobby on that particular bill. The competitive research and coalition building possibilities are endless with this bill tracking function! In addition, find out details on the bill such as sponsors, cosponsors, status in committee, full bill text and more.
  • Following the money?
  • Find out who’s making what and who’s paying what with detailed lobbying financials for firms and their clients.
  • Researching Members?
  • From basic contact information to detailed biographical data, former work experience, committee memberships, staff listings and even district office contacts, each profile has all the information you need. Direct links to Member Twitter and Facebook profiles are also provided.
  • Looking for staffers?
  • Search 10,000+ congressional staffers by name, member and, most importantly, by legislative responsibility and hard-to-find committee assignments. You’ll also receive weekly email alerts highlighting staff changes and new hires on the Hill.
  • Got compliance questions? We have the answers.
  • From filing forms to FAQs on lobbying ethics and technical questions on HLOGA compliance, it can all be found in one central location.
  • Developing a compliance program at your organization?
  • Look to the Lobbying Compliance Handbook Online, the #1 selling resource on HLOGA compliance for everything from charts to templates, reporting guidance and more.
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