The following list is a compilation of useful blogs related to lobbying and specific policy issues. The views presented in these blogs are not necessarily the views of Columbia Books and Information Services.
General Lobbying News and Information

Capital Eye:

The Center for Responsive Politics publishes its newsletters on this page. The Capital Eye includes articles which look into the role of money in politics. Previous stories have focused heavily on the intersection of legislation and campaign support, including a prediction of the Final Four of the NCAA basketball tournament based on the amount each school in the Sweet Sixteen spent on lobbying, a look into the health care industry and how its lobbyists may have potential influence on the future of health care legislation. They also report on the “revolving door” of K St. professionals and Capitol Hill staffers frequently. The Capital Eye is daily, with the main blog updated frequently as well.
Common Blog:
Common Cause, a watchdog group, covers many different aspects of money’s involvement in politics, including lobbying. There is also a section specifically on ethics, yet no entries have been tagged with this subject since October 2008. The main blog site, however, is updated daily.
Holtzman Vogel Law Blog:
The political law team at Holtzman Vogel highlights news that impact campaign finance and lobbying at the federal and state levels. Updated daily.
K Street Cafe:
Daily posts show links to stories on social media and web 2.0 aspects of corporate and association government relations, while other posts focus on topical issues related to lobbying and advocacy and their link to web 2.0 tools. Contributors range from Alan Rosenblatt of the Center for American Progress Action Fund to Rob Bluey at the Heritage Foundation, discussing the impact of social media on the public policy process.
Political Activity Law:

Eric Brown, a political activity law practitioner, focuses on the topics of lobbying, election law and campaign activities. Blog entries discuss news on lobbying regulations and campaign finance issues at the federal and state levels. Regularly links to articles of interest. Updated daily.

Political GPS:
The political law team at Womble Carlyle posts updates on lobbying and other aspects of political law - including the FEC and "pay-to-play" laws at the state level - frequently.
General Policy Blogs:
The Corner:
The conservative National Review allows frequent contributors to post on all kinds of topics. Typically focuses on U.S. national politics, although occasionally there are posts on international politics, pop culture, or other items of interest to the contributors.
The front page of the liberal DailyKos is centered more on elections, news, and the Democratic Party. However, this tag contains news related to lobbying, although the writers are quite critical of lobbying’s role in the political process. The blog is updated sporadically.
The Foundry:
The Heritage Foundation, a conservative think tank, looks at all types of policy and makes its opinions and criticisms known. Their blog is updated daily, with links to analysis and news articles. Earmarks and “pork spending” are typically big topics.
Huffington Post Politics Blog:
The liberal Huffington Post publishes opinion pieces as its blog. This feed covers all aspect of government and public policy.
National Center Blog:
Amy Ridenour of the National Center for Public Policy Research, a conservative think tank, discusses a broad range of legislative issues, some of it focusing on lobbying and earmarks. Updated frequently.
Transparency Blogs:
Campaign Legal Center:
The CLC’s blog focuses on lobbying and ethics reform as well as issues related to campaign finance. Updated fairly infrequently.

Citizens (Blogging) for Ethics and Responsibility in Washington:

CREW focuses on promoting ethical behavior for government officials and the private sector individuals who deal with them. The blog looks at ethics, earmarks, and the politics behind lobbying. Updated several times a day.

Citizen Vox:

Public Citizen’s blog discusses the role of money in politics. Although many of the blogs revolve around the role of money in elections, there are also several entries pertaining to lobbying and ethics. Updated daily.
The Fine Print:
The OMB Watch, a nonprofit organization dedicated to government transparency, tracks open government and transparency initiatives throughout the federal government. Their blog, The Fine Print, contains research and links to transparency-related articles of interest.

LegiStorm Blog:

LegiStorm, an organization working to make Congress more transparent, launched a blog in April 2008 to provide more information on congressional staff salaries and trips taken by staffers and Members. The blog is typically updated several times per week.

POGO Lobbying Blog:

The Project on Government Oversight works to expose corruption and ethics violations in all different branches of government. This portion of the blog is lobbying-related, and is updated as appropriate.

The Sunlight Foundation Blog:

The Sunlight Foundation's mission is to increase transparency in government, by examining influence in Washington. Members of the staff write on lobbying regulations, campaign finance and general transparency issues in the political process. Updated several times daily.

Campaign Finance

Election Law Blog:
Rick Hasen, an expert on campaign finance law, links to various news articles and developments in election law and campaign finance regulations, sometimes with commentary included. Some entries analyze decisions made by the Supreme Court and federal courts on campaign finance issues. Updated several times daily.
From Akin Gump Strauss Hauer & Feld’s Supreme Court practice, SCOTUS Blog is the place to track any Supreme Court-related news, decisions, and filings. Updated several times daily.
Pay to Play Law Blog:

The Political Law folks over at McKenna Long Aldridge blog on legislative developments in pay to play, and regularly post on corporate compliance and the direction of future legislation.  Since pay to play legislation is only at the state level currently, this blog is one of the few doing a valuable service in tracking changes and trends in the field.

Express Advocacy:

William J. McGinley, a political law practitioner at Patton Boggs, blogs regularly on political law developments, with an emphasis on the FEC and compliance.

Education Policy
Blog for the Forum of Education and Democracy:

Written by members of the Ohio-based think tank Forum of Education and Democracy, a large focus of the blog is No Child Left Behind and its policy implications. Updated infrequently.

Board Buzz:

The National School Board Association’s blog links to and discusses the results of various education studies and results. There are also analyses on education policies throughout the country. Updated daily.

Education Policy Blog:

Written by several contributors, Education Policy Blog looks at studies and forms opinions on issues related to education. While there is some focus on lobbying and policy, most of the focus is on social issues relating to education. Updated daily.

Andrew Rotherham of Education Sector, an education think tank, writes about everything related to education, with an emphasis on charter schools and curricula at the K-12 level. Updated daily.
Energy /  Environment Policy
CleanTech Blog:

Group blog that has many of its entries focused on alternative energy sources. Updated several times a week.

RFF Library:
Resources for the Future, a think tank involved in energy and natural resource policy, uses the RFF Library as a resource for scholarly journal articles, government reports and other news related to environment, land use, and energy issues. Entries include abstracts with links to the referred source. Updated several times a day.
Sierra Club Compass:
The environmental group’s blog naturally focuses on news in the natural resources and conservation fields. Most of the entries are reactions to news articles, but they also highlight the organization’s pro-environment views. Updated regularly.

Health Care Policy

Eye on FDA:

Fleischman-Hillard’s Mark Senak focuses on the pharmaceutical industry. Several recent entries highlight the stances of the 2008 presidential candidates on health care issues. While many of the entries track recent developments in the Food and Drug Administration, there are also interviews. Updated several times a week.

Global Health Policy:

The staff of the Center for Global Development discuss the ramifications of policy on AIDS, malaria, and other diseases which impact large portions of the world. Updated regularly.

Health Affairs Blog:

Writers from the magazine Health Affairs contribute entries to this blog covering different aspects of health. More recent entries have focused on SCHIP and Medicare. Guest bloggers also participate on the forum. Updated weekly.

Telecommunications/Internet Policy

463 Inside Tech Policy:

463 Communications hosts this blog focusing on technology and telecom policy nationally and globally. Entries range from copyright issues to net neutrality, with a little humor thrown in. Updated daily.

Google’s Public Policy Blog:

For Google’s take on some of the legislative issues impacting the company, where better to go than to its own counsel? Members of Google’s policy team comment on telecom policies and has been posting its discussions with the presidential candidates who visit its California headquarters. Updated regularly.

High Tech Policy:
Cisco’s blog focuses on broadband and technological innovations. Many of its entries also look at the implications of policy changes to the public. Updated weekly.

Public Knowledge’s Policy Blog:

The staff of Public Knowledge comments on telecom issues and legislation, specifically net neutrality and broadband service issues. Updated daily.

USACM Technology Policy Blog:

The Association of Computing Machinery lists hearings on the Hill related to technology and copyright issues, as well as publishing some of its reactions to technology news. Updated weekly.

Verizon PolicyBlog:

Verizon’s staff discusses broadband and other telecom issues in its blog. While the entries are informative, many of them also serve as PR for the company. Updated on a regular basis.


Carter Wood of the National Association of Manufacturers covers everything from health care policy to unions on the association’s blog. Updated several times a day.

Women Impacting Public Policy Blog:

A relatively new addition to the policy blogosphere, the staff of WIPP cover issues affecting women and business, such as health care, labor, and taxes. Updated several times a week.

Last updated 10/1/2010