FARA and You:
How to Stay Compliant
A webinar on coping with intensified audits and enforcement
Recorded on November 7, 2013



It’s not just your imagination: FARA audits aren’t as rare as they used to be and registrations are all over the news. 

The fact is, dealing with foreign companies and governments while lobbying on behalf of a domestic firm is getting trickier by the day. As you operate under a brighter-than-ever spotlight, it’s critical to be absolutely clear about everything from what triggers FARA registration, to how the Obama Administration’s foreign policy agenda affects dealings with foreign entities, to ensuring that your dealings with foreign entities comply with U.S. economic sanctions, anti-money laundering and anti-corruption laws.

Here’s how to get up to speed — and stay out of trouble. Register today for FARA and You: How to Stay Compliant.

Multi-national organizations vying for government favor face all-new compliance risks involving FARA. In this new webinar, you’ll learn what these risks are and how to defuse them before you get hit with violations that make headlines and cost you a fortune.

Step by step, experts on FARA and government relations guide you through the new compliance environment, showing you exactly when to register as a foreign agent and how to deal domestically with international entities — without triggering audits or fines or running afoul of subsiding issues such as OFAC sanctions or anti-corruption laws. Plus, the Q&A session at the end gives you the chance to ask about specific challenges you’re facing.

Register now to learn exactly when to register as a foreign agent and how to deal domestically with international entities.


What You’ll Learn:



  • Who is considered a foreign agent – foreign governments vs. foreign principals
  • What triggers the need for FARA/OFAC registration
  • The limits on lobbying materials foreign agents can distribute
  • How to ensure compliance with related issues such as OFAC, anti-money laundering and anti-corruption
  • How the “Specifically Designated Nations” status impacts a domestic company’s ability to conduct business with these nations
  • How the Obama Administration’s foreign policy agenda shapes dealings with foreign entities


Register now to learn how to work effectively with international businesses, vendors and governments – without violating FARA and other laws governing international transactions.


Meet Your Trainers


D. Edward Wilson is a partner at Venable LLP., where he represents public officials, private individuals, and private and public entities (including embassies and sovereigns) in a variety of situations requiring both the resolution of an immediate legal issue, and a longer-term, strategic solution.  In addition, Mr. Wilson is active in international payments and business as well as homeland security, fiscal issues and government contracts.  He is a founding member of the Office of Foreign Assets Control Working Group, and for a number of years has acted for the Embassy of Canada and other sovereigns in the United States.

Andrew Bigart is an associate in Venable’s Regulatory Practice Group with a focus on international trade and business counseling. Mr. Bigart assists clients with ongoing regulatory compliance matters, civil and criminal investigations, and litigation before the Justice Department, the Department of Commerce, and the Treasury. Prior to attending law school, Mr. Bigart worked on legal and economic policy issues at the U.S. Department of State and the Federal Trade Commission.

Register today! With audits and enforcement heating up, you can't afford to wait for answers.


Who Should Attend:


  • Lobbyists currently registered under FARA
  • Staff involved in filing FARA registrations
  • Compliance staff at lobbying and law firms
  • Lobbyists interested in representing foreign entities

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